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Philippines is an astonishing country that will amaze you. For starters we can use the volcanoes that we have to our advantage. The reason for that would be that the lava that we would get from the volcanoes, would provide is with fertile soil for agriculture. So we have been blessed to have great farm land because or volcanoes. We are made up of 7,000 islands, and we have 92 million people living here, so the population would even out to about 13 million people per island! Isn't that cool! You have room to breathe. Plus we are the only Christian country in Southeast Asia! Our cultures include many cultures, some being Malay, Spanish, and American influences. So if you come here you can be yourself.

Philippines- "A puzzle with lots of PEACES!"


The Philippines was once covered with thick forests, but since the 1950's extensive lumbering has destroyed most of their forest resources. So now most of the geography is rugged volcanic mountains, and islands, but overall Philippines is an archipelago. Some of the islands in the Philippines, including, Luzon and Panay have wide inland plains. Volcanic mountains rise on most of the country's larger islands, and many of the volcanoes are active, but they provide a beautiful view and beautiful farmland. We have eleven {11} main islands. Those are: Luzon, Mindanao, Samar, Negros, Palawan, Panay, Mindoro, Leyte, Cebu, Bohol, and Masbate. Our climate is a pretty hot and humid climate. Our hottest months are from March to May, and the our cooler months are from June to February which are also the rainy months. Rainfall in the Philippines averages 100 inches {250 centimeters a year}. So as you can see we have pretty comfy weather over here.

Caption for Pictures

First One: Geography Map: This is a picture of the Philippines, but instead of the cities and, it is all about the geography. As you by now know you see a lot of islands. You can also still see a few forests, because even though we lost a few, in the Philippines we care, that we do not let everything go. Because we know people enjoyed them.

Second One: Climate over Time :The second one shows a graph on the climate of the Philippines. It is not the most recent one, it is from a year ago or so. It is hard to put the graph into words, but what I can say is READ it, and I hope you like the weather, which is actually pretty nice here.

Third One: Archipelago Islands: Here in this one, it includes more cities, but I decided to show you it, because of all the islands, and so you can see truly how much space we have. Also for the geography part of this. The fact that we are an archipelago, and surrounded by water.

People and Culture

Our population over here in the Philippines is 92 million, and we are a very peaceful country. Our people get along very well. Most people over here {about 90 percent} follow the religion of Christianity. We are followers of the Roman Catholic Church. Although we do have some other people follow different religions....{ WOW! Freedom of religion, is that cool or what?! Come to the Philippines!} Us people over here are called "Filipinos". In the Philippines we speak two different languages. The first one is Filipino also spelled Pilipino, and English.

Our culture today is a blend of Malay, Spanish and American influences. Our education is very cool, and the rules over here. About 90 percent of our Philippine adults can read and write. The law requires children from seven {7} to twelve {12} years old to go to school through at least the sixth grade. Teachers in the public elementary schools teach classes in the local language or the language spoken in the area, for the first two years and then introduce English and Filipino. Most of the private schools teach in English. The high schools and universities mostly use English. So if you were to come you could feel comfortable by speaking your own language!

About forty percent {40%} of the Filipinos earn their living by working on farms. Much of our farmland is divided into medium-large farms. {So you have space to work!}. The owners hire workers who live and work on the land. Large numbers of people also have jobs in the fishing, lumbering, and mining industries. In the cities, many work in factories or in the service sector.

Our food is a mixture of American, Chinese, Malay, and Spanish dishes. Most Filipinos here eat rice at every meal, with beef, fish, or poultry. Each region has its own specialties. One popular dish, called "adobo", consists of chicken and pork cooked in soy sauce and vinegar. People throughout the islands drink an alcoholic beverage called "tuba", which is made from the sap of the coconut palm tree.

Most Filipinos over here wear clothes similar to those worn in most Western countries. On holidays and other special occasions, Philippine men wear a "barong tagalog", a beautiful embroidered shirt made of pineapple fiber, raw silk, or cotton.{Boy are we creative!}. Some men wear the "barong tagalog to work in offices". On special occasions, women may wear a long, puff-sleeved dress called a "balintawak".

Picture Captions

First One: Jesus on the Cross: This is a picture of Jesus on the cross. This fits us perfectly because this falls in to the religion that we follow Christianity. This is found in one of our Churches. {Church is held over here to!}

Second One: Farm Work: In this picture it shows three people working in the farm land. If you look closely you can tell that they are laughing, but still working. There clothing is also perfect to work outside. and if you look in the top right corner you will tell that it is partly cloudy. That is perfect weather for a farmer. {Whoever says work is not fun, it is over here!}

Third One: This picture shows a typical lunch for a Filipino. You see some meat and another side, and rice. Rice is most of the time included in the three meals of the day. {Not all the time in breakfast}. And even if you are not a fan of these meals, our culture includes american influences to.

Fourth One: In this picture you see a bunch of students and a teacher. You can also see that the classroom is pretty roomy. That is because our education over here in the Philippines is very good, and mandatory for children in certain ages. That way your child will learn, but have fun at the same time.

Fifth One: Farming Land: This photo is a part of farming land in our country. You can see many space, and wide open plains. And if you look closely you can see a hut in the corner. That is where you can take a break!. {You are probably thinking, a break during work,? Yes, only in the Philippines!}

Sixth One: In this picture you see a woman holding a vase. This was taken during a celebration. And you can see she is wearing a special dress. It seems to have patterns on it. We like to have fun and party here too!


Our government is a republic with an elected legislature and president. Our government consists of three branches: The first one is the executive branch- which is represented by the president. The second one is the legislative branch- which is represented by "bicameral" {two house congress}. And the third one is the judicial branch- which includes the Supreme Court. The president holds executive power over here. To be a president you are required to be a native citizen of the country, a registered voter, you must be able to read and write, you have to be at least 40 years old, and a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years immediately before the presidential election.

Our Constitution: We have had five formal constitutions since declaring itself an independent republic on June 12, 1898. We were then owned by the US, and later Japan took over us in 1941. They occupied our country through much of world war two {2}. We became independent again in 1946, and returned to our constitution from 1935. Our constitution calls for a presidential government system with a bicameral Congress. The document we have includes a bill of rights, with guarantees the people's right to life., liberty and property. Also the freedom of speech and political and religious beliefs. And the right to fair trial. You have to be over the age of 21 to vote, but you can only run for president when you are over the age of forty {40}.


We are not the richest country in Asia, but we do have an abundance of natural resources. About one third of our countries workers make a living by agricultural, forestry, and fishing. About half work in service industries, which include education, government, medicine, trade, transportation, communication, and financial services. About one sixth work in manufacturing, construction, and mining.

Filipinos farm only about one-third of the nation's land, but they produce most of the food for the entire country. Rice is the leading food crop.

Forest cover about one-forth of our countries land. More than 3,000 kinds of trees grow in the island.

Mining from rich deposits make up a large part of our exports. Copper is mined on Cebu, Luzon, and Mindanao. Large gold mines operate in Northern Luzon. The Philippines is an important world producer or nickels. We also mime chromite, coal, lead, limestone, silver and zinc.

We do not produce enough resources for our whole country, but we make sure to still get you some, so we depend a lot on international trade. Here is a chart of what the Philippines import and export:

IMPORT: chemicals, electronics, machinery, petroleum, petroleum products, and transportation equipment

EXPORT: clothing, copper, electronics, electronic equipment, food, machinery, and transportation equipment

We mainly trade with China, Japan, Singapore, and the United States