Blogging to GrOw

Benefits of Teacher & Student Blogging

Teacher Blogging Benefits:

  • Create a "brand" for yourself and your classroom
  • Great way to reflect on classroom practices and receive feedback
  • Allows teachers to network with other teachers--professional learning groups outside of your own school or district
  • Communication with Students & Parents


Student Blogging & e-Portfolio Benefits:

  • Teach Digital Citizenship
  • Student Ownership
  • Formative & Summative Assessments
  • Requires deeper thinking and engagement with the content
  • Student Reflection
  • Communication with Teacher & Parents

Organization of e-Portfolios via Google Sheets:

KY Teachers:

Teacher and Student Blogging meets TPGES standards:

Student-Centered (Ownership, Assessment, Reflection)

  • Domain 2.A.ii.; B.i., ii., iii.

  • Domain 3.A.i., ii., iii., iv.; D.i., ii., iii., iv.

Formative assessments throughout the school yr.
Summative Assessment at the end of a semester/school yr.

Teacher-Centered (Branding, Reflection, Networking)

  • Domain 1.D.iii.; F.i., ii., iii.

  • Domain 4 (all)

Blogging Help: