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This Week

This week, we started our flower study. We started off the week by discussing what a plant needed to grow and survive. We then talked about what we needed to grow and survive. After making our lists, we discussed the differences and similarities between us and plants.

Next week, we are moving into the parts of a plant and life cycle.

This week, was our last letter and we met our last Alphafriend, Keely Kangaroo. As a class, we brainstormed letter K words and talked about how to make the letter. We also sang songs to review the other letters and their sounds.

In math, we looked at number 20 and we have started working on quickly identifying the number of objects in a group without counting (subitizing). This is a tricky skill; however, we are starting to get the hang of it! Next week, we will continue reviewing numbers and subitizing.

This and That

Important Dates:

May 10: M Day--mustache day

May 11: N Day-- no homework day

May 12: O Day-- outdoor learning day

May 13: P Day (Pleasanville Day: wear black Pleasantville shirt) and Science Center field trip-- Sack lunch needed. We are leaving the school at 9:20a.m. and our parent volunteers will have to meet us there.

May 20: Preschool Carnival in the afternoon (1:30-2:30)


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