Different Faces In Perseverance

Lela Lazic

How I Define Perseverance

I would define perseverance as being able to stand up after a difficult time and try again till you get it right. Perseverance is a big key in life, if you don't persevere your problems they will never leave you and they will be keep happening till you try to fix it. Keep going and keep trying and your life will be full of you not giving up. Perseverance is also the key to success. Many people find their way through things by remembering how it felt to fall. Losing everything can be bad but even worse isn't fixing it. Everybody has been inadequate in their life buts that's the point of life.

Eleanor Roosevelt (Cause/Effect)

The view of Eleanor Roosevelt faced many adversities like having to listen to a lot of critism. Instead of being combative and fighting with the rest of the people, She became resolve to make things right. "Born in 1884 as the only daughter of an alcoholic father and an aloof mother, Eleanor was plagued by insecurity and shyness." Considering that this effects her and how she acts and that can be a cause of a lot of the critism. Back then it was hard for people to accept the way people are. ''She never let the intense critism that she encounter silence her." By however in contrast she is doing her best to change the society she came far, not many can do that. Eleanor Faced many adversities but she always seemed to get past them and just keep trying in till she got it perfect. Roosevelt effected the society in many ways and she showed how important it was to fix adversities. By her death in 1962, she became the 20th century most powerful and effective lady.

Jackie Robinson (Description)

For example Jackie Robinson had many important triumphs in his life. Robinson was the first African American to play baseball on the major leagues. As well with all the white American people. He played with all white men on the team, but he knew it was worth it. Secondly, All the white men gave him critism because they didn’t want a African American playing on the team. Robinson still didn’t fight back. That didn’t get in his way. For example, people all over were saying that he was a living and breathing monument to the U.S. civil rights. He showed how it doesn’t matter what color you are, you can still do what you love. “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” Lastly, another reason he had an impact on every American of his generation and every American since.

Winston Churchill (Sequence)

Winston Churchill gave very well written speeches. He would give faith to people and help them persevere. First, Winston Churchill took every step to rise above. He wasn't know for much work but now he is know for many speeches . When he got on the board, he was happy and celebrated with triumph. Churchill became adhere when it came to plans and problems. Resilience became a problem when everything in his life fell. He and his board weren’t strong enough to face reality, not powerful just weak. “Churchill went into depression and worried that his political life was completely over.” Winston talked to the public right away. Next, when they started to rise, he had a stroke but made it through. Next, Churchill had a sad ending on January 10, 1965, from a massive stroke. Lastly, Churchill remained a member of parliament a little after death.

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What We Learn From Other People Perseverance To Face Our Adversitys In Everyday Lives

I learn from others perseverance of different people that help others face adversities in everyday life is that you always got to try to fix things. Also that when you let yourself down you always find a reason to get back up. Perseverance helps us overcome fear and anger. Secondly, It helps us feel like we accomplished something, after you get back up and achieve your goal or future. The best feeling is when you notice how much you grew, from that one bad adversities. Everyday people all over the world face problems but perseverance help everybody jump back on track. If myself or somebody else achieves something you notice you don't need a prize, to see that all you need is to believe.