Pre K Weekly Update

February 27th 2015

What we did this week...

We met the Letter Buddy Bright B. We learned its sound, how to recognize it in print and how to properly write the letter. We practiced writing in our Letter Buddy Journals and did our best on lined paper. We brainstormed many different B words and charted them. We made a B mini book! This week, we focused on the sight words here, is, the. We used these words to write about insects that we are learning about in Science. We created pictures to go along with our sight word writings. We learned about the body parts of bugs, how insects protect themselves, and how they play a big part in the food chain. We made bumble bees with black and yellow paint and added wax paper wings! We also tasted orange flower honey and wildflower honey.. We loved them both! In Math, we practice addition with insects! We did a great job finding the sum and writing the correct numbers. We read the addition book Domino Addition. We also practiced adding domino squares together! This week, we also saw the Tooth Buddy Presentation. We learned about proper tooth care and which foods are good and harmful for our teeth. On Thursday, we celebrated the end of Reading Month by turning Mr. Rodia and a bunch of teachers into Ice cream sundae's! It was so much fun watching them get messy! Great job to all the readers. Continue reading!

This is what we will do next week...

Next week, we will be learning about a new letter buddy (Quick Q). And everyone knows you can't have a Q without a U so Unique U will be returning and rumor has it they will be getting married on Friday. Some new sight words will be added to our sight word list. We will be learning about the quarter in math and review the other coins. We will practice matching coins and we will use coin stamps to add to our learning. In Science we will be learning about the different forms of matter, solid, liquid and gas. We will be conducting experiments including a balloon race using baking soda! It will be a super fun week!

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