Alternatives to Pesticide

Growing crops without the use of pesticides.

Why We Use Pesticides

Farmers use pesticides to kill insects, rodents, weeds and fungus. Pesticides are used to control pest such as rats, ticks, mosquitoes, and mice. It is used for insect infestation and diseases that the insect might carry.

The Problem Using Pesticide

The problem with using pesticide is that when it rains, the rain can carry the pesticides to near by rivers and pollute the water and kill the fishes living in that environment. It is also one of the chemicals that pollute the air. When pesticides are sprayed into the air the wind carries them off to other area.

How It Affects Humans

Pesticides can enter the body by inhaling aerosols, dust that contain pesticides. This can cause tumors, birth defects, genetic mutations, blood and nerve disorders. Children are most likely to become affected because they are still developing and have a weaker immune system than adult.

The Alternatives Of Using Pesticide

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is growing different types of crops in the same area. By doing this, it decreases the level of pest and diseases. It also adds nutrients to the soil.

Trap Crops

Trap crop is a plant that attracts insects away from the crops. This helps save the main crop from being infested with insects and without the need of pesticides.