Bangor West May 7th, 2021

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Borrowed Technology

West Families,

As we begin the homestretch of the school year, please make sure you have all of the technology borrowed from the school district ready to return. We will be collecting the Chromebooks, chargers, mice, headphones, hot spots, etc. and will need them all returned by the end of the month.

Many students were unable to find their devices, chargers, etc. for testing this week so it's paramount to find them prior to the end of the year. Please make sure everything is ready to be returned in good working condition or the costs of the replacement technology will fall on the family. More details will come soon when as we will be collecting items by the end of the month.

Also, if any technology is not working properly, please notify your child's teacher as soon as possible so we can ensure everything is working properly heading into next year.

Thanks again for all you do!


Craig Pfenninger

Bangor West Principal

Schools of Choice

Bangor Township Schools are now accepting students as Schools of Choice. If you know someone who wants to be a Bobcat, have them go to our website ( and sign up today!

Extra Masks

With our weather warming up, send in an extra mask or two for your child. Students often like to change masks after physical education or recess and having a spare mask or two in the student's bookbag would be very helpful.

Bobcat Academy

A flyer was emailed through Skyward this past Monday about Bobcat Academy. It is also posted on our Facebook page and on our website. Please consider signing your child up for our Bobcat Academy before it's too late!

5th grade Graduation

We will be able to perform our 5th grade graduation remotely this year. More information will come along with a link and we are hoping to record the ceremony as well. If you are interested in donating or helping out our 5th graders this year, please let your child's teacher know.

Kindergarten Registration Open

If you know of someone who needs to enroll in Young 5's or Kindergarten, our online registration started Monday, March 1st! The sooner you enroll, the better the chances of having the elementary school you'd prefer in Bangor. Younger siblings will follow their older siblings to the building they currently are in. Please see the image below for more details or contact our office.
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Student of the week!

Student of the Week – Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence (Week of 4-19)

Miss McDonald – Serenity Weisenbach

Mrs. Hayward – Karleigh Lacasse

Mrs. Kieliszewski – Terra Hopkins

Mr. Mrozinski – Zoey Hughes

Mrs. Arnold – Sage Phillips

Miss Herr – Jaxon Sheehan

Mrs. LaBelle – Ashlyn Coonan

Mrs. Schomaker – Annabella Reinbold

Mrs. Lemuel – Ava Bednarski

Ms. Nelson – Ashe Madaj

Ms. Kanicki – Quinnlyn Lang

Mrs. Lewis – Andrew Sheehan

Student of the Week – Purpose (Week of 4-26)

Miss McDonald – Kennedy Sporman

Mrs. Hayward – Oliver Giddings

Mrs. Kieliszewski – William Green

Mr. Mrozinski – Jazlyn Parker

Mrs. Arnold – Kendall Delaney

Miss Herr – Kali Daugherty

Mrs. LaBelle – Isaac Barkell

Mrs. Schomaker – Adrien Lang

Mrs. Lemuel – Emily Eickholt

Ms. Nelson – Dakota Rozek

Ms. Kanicki – Morgan Bujarski

Mrs. Lewis – Chloe Pyles

Late Arrival

If you know your child is arriving late, please call the office prior to 9:00 to make their lunch choice or have your child let our cooks know their choice prior to 9:00. If no choice is made by 9:00 then the students will receive choice 2. You also have the option to bring your own lunch daily. Thank you!

Upcoming dates

May 31 - No School/Holiday

June 10 - Last day of school

Other Contacts

Bangor West Elementary – 684-3373 Fax 686-8214

Mr. Craig Pfenninger, Principal – ext. 6202

Mrs. Linda Minnis, Secretary – ext. 6201

Mr. Charlie Putnam, Student Service Coordinator – ext. 6235

Mrs. Melissa Srebinski, Behavior Intervention Coordinator – ext. 6231

Transportation – 684-6150

Edison Administration Building – 684-8121