Respiratory System

by Caleb and Aaron

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Homeostasis is maintained by the respiratory system in two ways: gas exchange and regulation of blood. If your Respiratory system breaks homeostasis you would start to lose oxygen and you would faint and if not treated immediately you would die.


The Respiratory System works with the Circulatory System to circulate and oxygenate blood. Also it works with the the Skeletal System it is very important. This system is responsible for protecting the inner body. The Skeletal System is like a metal shield covering the body. The Skeletal System also produces red blood cells that the respiratory system oxygenates. The Respiratory System delivers the oxygen needed for any system (including Endocrine) to function.
Both the Endocrine and Respiratory Systems are dependent on each other. For example, there are certain hormones like adrenalin, which is released by the adrenal glands, which help to stimulate the respiratory activity. Also, some endocrine hormones have an effect on the dilation of the alveoli, or the respiratory passages. This can affect the amount of oxygen that the lungs absorb.

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