Celebrates Christ's birth with gift giving and family time.


Ornaments will provide some little splashes of color and will also give their shape and will draw the shopper's eye to the design on the ornament. They enhance the display by reminding people of decorating their tree and of some of the other things about Christmas depicted in some ornaments, like snowflakes, candy canes, and Santa.

Christmas Tree

Christmas trees provide a feel of the holidays, they make people think of decorating the tree and of the presents underneath it. Even a bare Christmas tree still evokes Christmas memories. It will add a large structure that is decorated with pretty lights and tinsel that make the display very festive.

Stockings by the fireplace

Stockings by a fireplace enhance the theme by giving off a feeling of Christmas Eve, the thought that soon the stockings will be filled with gifts will excite the shopper and make the display more realistic.
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