Bleeding Hearts

My Favorite Flower

Is the plant Dicot or Monocot?

The bleeding heart is a Dicot plant.

The hardiness

The bleeding heart pant is extremely hardy and can survive any kind of weather, that does not involve flooding of course.

Light Requirment

They live all year round, they live in bloom in the winter and in the summer, they require part shade to full shade.

Life Cycle



Common name- Bleeding Heart
Genus- Hebaceous Perennial
Specie- Fumariaceae


They need a medium amount of water, they do not have to be watered on a daily bases like most other plants.


Rich soil, peat miss, chopped leaves. Peat moss is used because it is organic and helps the growth and color of the hearts. Chopped leaves give them an early-spring handful of a general purpose.

The Bad Bugs!

Aphids- Plant lice they are soft-bodied, pear-shaped sucking insects about the size of the head of a pin. They often cluster on leaves and tender buds, especially on plants that are stressed in some way.
Slugs/Snails- Attracted to moist, well-mulched areas having acidic soil, the same type of environment that bleeding hearts like. They are active at night, rasping holes with their file-like tongues in leaf and stem surfaces.

My passion and love for this plant

My reason is pretty silly actually, but I am currently dating someone, on Valentines day he told me that he had placed an order to a flower shop online and the flowers were suppose to be there earlier that day, but the flower shop had called him and told him they were really backed up and the flowers wouldn't make it for another week. He was obviously upset so he had to come up with a present before I got there. What he ended up doing was looking up the prettiest flower in the world and the bleeding heart came up, he printed off a ton of pictures of it and he glued them all onto a pan and I loved it even more than real flowers anyways.