Setting Goals

My academic goals are going to a good university that would teach me the things I need to learning in order to reach my personal goals.My athletic goals is to be in my future university cheer or color guard.Finally my personal goals are to go a university ,study to become a vet ,and acomplish my goals.

Overcoming Obstacles

My physical obstacles was therapy due to family obstacles which was family problems.My family obstacles was family problems which was arguing ,and fighting.My school obstacles was having too much homework ,and not asking questions when I don't understand the question for something.Lastly my finacial obstacles are not having enough money for everything.


My teachers/coaches that help me out from teachers an coaches are coach chelsea,coach megan,Mrs.Fisk,Mr.Jezowski,And Mrs.Dibley.My relatives and friends that help me are my Aunt Ale,(cousin)Felin,and all my friends help me out.

Your Personal Action Plan

The plans that might help me achieve my goal are attitude/motivation ,education/training, acquiring needed skills,and study and practice.Things that would help me achieve my goal would be encouraging,practing and studying for test,work out,running exercise,and if I fail I always get back up.