The Triton Tribune Parent Edition

Be Kind ~ Be Awesome ~ Make The Right Choices

Volume 2 ~ Issue 5 ~ August 24, 2020

Wonderful Triton Students and Parents and Guardians,

"True life is lived when tiny changes occur." ~Leo Tolstoy~

Thank you for your patience through all the class changes that were made to meet the class balancing deadline in the district. As we move into week 4, we are finally able settle into a normal rhythm of learning, which hopefully provides more structure in your homes during the distance learning portion of the day. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. Teachers have been working hard to try to provide normalcy in your children's school time; it has not been easy but when I hear teachers say, "It was better than last week," then I know that we are moving in the right direction.

Below are information that are significant to Week 4 and beyond.

Virtual Open House - August 26, 2020

  • There will be two parts to the Open House: a) Live Broadcast and b) Virtual Videos of each teacher's classroom
  • Live Broadcast or Event will begin at 6:00pm. Please click on this link to join the LIVE BROADCAST.
  • Or you can scan the QR code found in the Open House Picture below or on the website.
  • If you are not able to access the Live Broadcast due to technical issues, the event will be recorded and posted to the website on the second part.
  • After the Live Broadcast, you and your children will log on to their Google Classrooms where you will watch a video from either the teacher or the PLC.
  • We will have technical support to ensure that you will be able to access the classrooms.
  • We hope you can join us.

Triton Traits

This week, we started incorporating our Triton Traits into our daily routine. The Triton Trait in August is KINDNESS. Below is a video that some of our Triton family have shared about what they believe kindness is. Listen to our youth as they say really profound things about their belief of what kindness is. As a family, create a kindness calendar [link] for the rest of August so that you plan how you and your family will intentionally demonstrate kindness daily.

Attendance Policy

Please read the information below on Attendance. We have created a general clearance form for all absences. ELM staff has now adopted a uniform policy on how to take attendance during synchronous instruction, even if your children misses it due to technical issues. Please go over that new protocol with them. Also, if you have additional questions about an attendance that has not been cleared in the last three weeks, please email our attendance clerk, Ms. Corona. Her email is

Academic Grades

In my discussion with my Faculty Advisory Committee this week, teachers have agreed to be gracious and show leniency on assignments in the last three weeks. Also know, teachers have informed me that many of the assignments given in the first three weeks have not been given a lot of point values so that the assignments do not affect their grades immensely in the end. Starting this week, teachers will be implementing their grading policy that has been shared with the students this past week. They will talk about their grading policy in Open House.

Student Video-Conferencing Guidelines Released

This past week, the district released its student video-conference guidelines. The assistant principals will be going over these guidelines during the behavior expectation virtual assemblies during PE starting August 31. One of the new requirements is that students are expected to show their faces during attendance check-in for a few seconds while teachers are taking attendance. Some of you have shared your concerns about this requirement. I will have a conversation with teachers to find a graceful alternative to this new requirement.

Change in the Friday Schedule District-Wide

The district informed us last week that there will be an additional 10 minutes added to the Friday schedule starting in September. A memo will be sent to you regarding this change.

Below are information that are pertinent to the week. They appear in this order:

  1. ELM Virtual Open House
  2. August Triton Trait: Kindness
  3. Attendance Policy
  4. Attendance Information: How to Clear Absences
  5. Textbook/Instrument/Device Pick-up Information
  6. SUHSD Video-Conferencing Guidelines
  7. Yearbook Request for Summer Activities
  8. Lunch Application Information
  9. ELM Spirit GEAR on Sale
  10. ELM Virtual Daily Schedule
  11. Distance Learning Platform Utiliy Infographics
  12. ELM Technology Support Line
  13. A Guide to Student Login Credentials

Finally, please refer to the website for updates. We update it on a daily basis.

Let's have an amazing week!

In Partnership with you,

Mrs. Finley

ELM Virtual Open House

Please join us for our first-ever Virtual Open House. To join the live event with the leadership team, use either the URL or QR Code to join. Hope to see you there!

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August Triton Trait: Kindness

August is all about kindness. In the video below, Triton students and staff shared what they believe kindness is. How do we consciously incorporate kindness daily? Intentionally plan to show kindness. Click on this link to create a kindness calendar.

Kindness is
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Attendance Policy - How To Clear Any Absences

Click on this link to clear absences for your children. Note: Only parents and guardians can clear absences for their children.

California Educational Code requires all students to be in school. If students have to miss school, it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to provide an excuse note that provides an explanation for the absence. This note could be a medical note, court papers or parent notes. All absences must be cleared within 30 days. An absence that is not excused will be coded as TRUANT. Excessive absences, Excused / Unexcused / Truant, will trigger a protocol called a Pre-SARB (Student Attendance Review Board); this could include a home visit even in times of COVID, in order to verify the student is still attending our school. If the chronic absences are not fixed, the student and parent/guardian will have to attend the Student Attendance Review Board as some point down the road.

In the advent of distance learning, a new protocol has been established to ensure that students are not marked absent due to technical difficulties. If students do not complete the new protocol by 3:00pm of that day, then parents will have to follow protocols for clearing absences.The protocol is listed below. It is also posted on the website.

How To Clear Absences

  • Absences are to be cleared in writing with a parent note or physician/medical note. Notes needs to have student’s name, date of the absence, reason for the absence, and parent/guardian/medical provider’s name and signature.
  • Blanket excuses, or notes without a reason provided for the absence will not be accepted: e.g. “Please clear all my student’s absences.”
  • Absences must to be cleared within 30 days.
  • To clear an absence, click on this link to access the clearance form.

How To Clear Absences as a Result of Missing Synchronous Instruction

  • The student must email the teacher via Jupiter Grades by 3:00pm of the same day.
  • If a student misses that window, the protocol for clearing absences must be followed.

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As we move deeper into the school year, it is important that all students receive all necessary materials needed for learning. Below are the protocols for picking up these items:

Textbook Pick-up:

Please email your respective administrators to schedule an appointment to pick up textbooks. Since we are on office rotation starting August 24, your assistant principal or psychologist will be able to support you on the day that they are here.

7th Grade Assistant Principal

Mr. Mendel Nafarrete


8th Grade Assistant Principal

Dr. Christianna Adams


School Psychologist

Mr. Ruben Sanchez


Instrument Pick-up

You will need to make arrangements with your respective teachers, Mr. Hagen or Mr. Academia, to pick up or tune your instruments.

IPAD Pick-Up or Repairs

Currently, we are still waiting for more IPADs to be sent to the school sites. Once we receive them, we will give students who have not received their IPADs as of yet. If you do not have a personal device from which to work from, please let your respective administrators know. We will contact your teachers for you. In the meantime, your teachers have been asked to provide an alternative means for you to submit assignments, including turning in hard copies.

For repairs, please contact Mr. Doyle, by completing this request for technology help form [link]. When Mr. Doyle receives them, he will address each issue on a first-come first-served basis.

SUHSD Video-Conferencing Guidelines

The district released its student guidelines for distance learning. Please review with your children. Mr. Nafarrete and Dr. Adams will go over these with students and they will complete a certificate of completion on receiving this information.

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Yearbook Request for Summer Activities Pictures

Yearbook is compiling photos to show how Tritons spent their summer. Pictures submitted will be considered for inclusion in the 2020-2021 yearbook. Your submission indicates your approval for use. Click on this link to submit a photo.

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2020-21 School Year Lunch Applications for Free or Reduced Meals

In order to receive free or reduced lunch, all students must complete a 2020-21 lunch application. If you received free or reduced meals last year and have not renewed your lunch application this year, services to you may have already stopped. To make sure that you have secured this support, please complete the lunch application using one of the methods below.

1. Complete the ONLINE lunch application in your Campus Portal.

  • This is the preferred method.
  • Click on this link to access Campus Portal
  • Click on this link to access the PowerPoint Tutorial on how to complete the application.

2. Complete the PAPER lunch application.

  • Contact Dr. Adams for a paper copy. Click on this link to email her.
  • Click on the link on how to complete the paper application. English [link] Spanish [link].

If you have completed your application and you have been approved, you will need to obtain your child's barcode. To create a student barcode from your Campus Portal, please click on this link to follow the instructions on creating a student barcode.

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ELM Spirit Gear On Sale

Pre-order window is currently openly untill September 7th. Paid shipping or free customer pick up at Next Day Printed Tees is available. A portion of the proceeds benefit ELM’s student body.

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ELM Virtual Daily Schedule

This is the latest schedule for ELM, which now includes office hours from 8:20am - 8:50am. Note that students must make an appointment for office hours to ensure that adequate time is secured.

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Distance Learning Platforms Utility Infographics

If you are struggling with understanding the different platforms and what they are used for, use this infographic as a guideline.

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ELM Technology Support Desk

If you need help with any technology issue, please contact Mr. Doyle, our site IT support. He will get back to you faster.

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Guide to Student Login Credentials

Click on the title which is a link to the pdf version of the picture below.

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