Bullying Matters

by: Samantha Izaguirre

dose bullying have an effect?

Bullying is nothing to be joking about because it has a bad effect on the victim also it gives the bully more power over you.

Bullying isn't just verbal it is also online, physical, and social these are all types of bullying that happens to kids around the world everyday. This is a very serious situation because the causes from it can be fatal. bystanders usually don't do anything about it because their to worried about them self and i want that to change.I believe that this can be stopped only if you try.

Bullying has an effect on the victims some more than others like depression for example, an article by Karen Kaplen states "Bullying may be responsible for nearly 30% of cases of depression among adults, a new study suggests. By tracking 2,668 people from early childhood through adulthood, researchers found that 13-year-olds who were frequent targets of bullies were three times more likely than their non-victimized peers to be depressed as adults." (Los Angeles Times) Findings of the study examining the link between childhood bullying and depression in adulthood are provided.” Bullying is very hard on teens its not fare for them to be depressed from something that happened to them just for being themselves.

What has the government done about this you may think well an article by Adely Hannan saying "When [New Jersey's anti-bullying] law was signed in 2011 after the suicide of Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi, it was considered a landmark piece of legislation to protect students from harm and a model for the country. By nearly all accounts, the law has made schools safer.” Were not the only ones who want it to stop, the government has done something to help us in this situation.

People with mental health disorders also get bullied to an article by University Wire states that "Children with mental health disorders--particularly depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder--are three times more likely to be identified as a bully, according to a recent study by University researchers in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence. The study shows that nearly 30 percent of children with mental health disorders bully other children, and over 30 percent of bullies have mental health disorders." Why do some people bully maybe cause it makes them feel better maybe its something at home that happens and they take it out on other people but that doesn't mean it the right thing to do.

some people think that bullying will go away and its treated lightly. An article by Daniel Weedle states that "Unfortunately, too many school officials behave as if little acts of aggression deserve little attention." these acts of aggression should be addressed and