Katie Stanley

Origami Owl, Independent Designer


I hope all of you have had a fantastic summer! I know I have.

I would love to start off by saying Thank you to all of you who have given me the opportunity to help you tell your story by creating an Origami Owl locket.

I have been given the opportunity to meet so many great ladies and I hope to continue to grow those relationships.

Creative Ideas

Hosting a Jewelry Bar!

Hosting a Jewelry bar is a great way to earn hostess hoot loot* as well as our half off items and discounted hostess exclusive**!!! Our hostess rewards allow you to splurge on those items on your wish list. Not to mention that there is nothing more fun than having some of your girlfriends over for some girl time and shopping.

Contact me directly to book your next Jewelry Bar!!!!

*minimum qualifying party of $125

**starting with a qualifying party of $250

Looking for a great business opportunity?? Join my Team!!

Are you looking for a way to make some extra income or start a new home based business? Either way, Origami Owl is a great direct sales based business that allows you flexibility. Contact me for more information or click on the link below.

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