Pasquotank County

County Seat: Elizabeth City

"Where the current of the stream divides"

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Paskquotank County is highlighted in purple

Pasquotank County Board of Commissioners

Pasquotank County's board of commissioners has seven people on it, which includes Joseph Winslow Jr., Lloyd Griffin III, Cecil Perry, Jeff Dixon, Dr. William Sterritt, Frankie Meads, and Bettie Parker.

Elizabeth City- County Seat

In 1799 the county seat moved from Nixonton to Elizabeth City at most narrow part of the Pasquotank River. The river narrows down from the wide outlet to Albemarle Sound to the winding, narrow river that leads out of the Great Dismal Swamp. Elizabeth City itself was founded in 1793, the same year that construction began on the Dismal Swamp Canal.

Elizabeth city is also the largest city in Pasquotank County. The city is the hub of the Elizabeth City Micropolitan Statistical area, and as of 2010 has a population of 64,094.

Pasquotank County's Region:

Pasquotanks Coutny is located in the coastal region in the state of North Carolina. Pasquotank also sits on the Albermarle Sound and the Pasquotank river. Pasquotanks is also home to the Dismal Swamp State Park. Pasquotank's neighboring counties include: Camden, Gates, and Perquimens County

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History of Pasquotank County

  • The name "Pasquotank" comes from the old Algonquan Indian word "Pasketanki", which means "where the current of the stream divides and forks".
  • Pasquotank County was among the first settled areas in North Carolina, along with Currituck, Camden, Perquimens, and Chowan Counties.
  • Pasquotank is said to be home town of Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard

Things to do, Places to see

Pasquotank is home to many scenic and touristic places, including:

  • The Museum of the Albermarle: a speciality museum
  • The Great Dismal Swamp: a natural landmark
  • Arts of the Albermarle: art gallery
  • Port Discover: science museum
  • Downtown waterfront market in Elizabeth City