Cape Cod Style Houses

By Amber Petty


Cape Cod houses are most often found in the northeastern parts of the U.S. Their roofs were build to withstand both storms and snow, so they are steep roofs with a small overhang. Typically they are one to two stories. The older Cape Cod's had chimneys in the middle of the house to warm it up quickly and had shutters that could be closed quickly during a storm. Now Chimneys are typically on the side of the house and while shutters still remain on the house they are now just for decoration.
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The cape cod house style was first built by English colonists who came to America America in the late 17th Century, and their original purpose was for easy construction, efficient heating, withstanding stormy weather, and yet still fashionable. The house style was modeled after half-timbered houses from England. Interest in these houses renewed in the late 1800s and early 1900s. After the Great Depression and the end of World War II the demand for houses rose greatly. Architect Royal Barry Willis promoted the houses which became popular because Americans wanted houses that resembled older styled houses. The houses were then filled with soldiers returning from the war and families in need of homes.

Building Materials and Technology

When Cape Cods first came around around their was only tools brought by the colonist to the new world and the main material used was wood. Later on, When interest was brought back for these houses, America had just ended World War II and was surrounded by advance technology for the time and then able to use such materials as steel.