Char Night Club

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Char Night Club and Bar

Friday, June 14th 2013 at 11:45pm

Charon Moon

A night club out of this world that is like no other

Char Night Club

Wondering where to go for a girls night out, bachelor party, or a night out? Well now your search is over. Coming soon is the best club you can ever imagine! We promise you a great time and many laughs. Don't believe us? Then see for yourself :)


Discovered- 1978

Atmosphere- None

Presence of water- Dominated by less volatile water ice

Size- The largest satellite of the dwarf planet, Pluto. Measuring about 1207 km (750 mi) and is about 750 miles deep in diameter


Temperature- - 220 degrees Celsius

Day Length- - 6.38679 days (38 seconds less than the rotation period)

Meteorological Events- Discovered in the active presence of active cryo-geysers

Celestial events that may be observed on earth- it cannot be seen by the naked eye or with most consumer grade temperatures

Surface Area- 4,580,000