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Victorian and Colonial Revival

Queen Anne (Victorian) Style Home For Sale

This classic, yet modern Victorian style home is perfect for any size family. It shows luxury and has a comfortable feeling. The circular floor plan enables easy access to the den and living room, while connecting the kitchen and the dining room. Imagine the views from the unique circular sitting area off the side of the house. The size of the house is perfect for large families, for the various living rooms and bedrooms. It is also great for smaller families with lots of guests or friends.
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Victorian Style Homes

You can tell this is a Victorian style home by many things. First, the ginger beard trim is on the house is a dead give away. Secondly, the porches, balconies, and towers area a common theme in Victorian style homes. Lastly, it has steeply pitched and complex rooflines.

Colonial Revival Style Home For Sale

This classic, historical colonial revival style home is perfect for anyone. The amount of space within and around the home is incredible.The original dark wood throughout the house is breathtaking, but it is also modern and updated. Updates include in the kitchen and bathrooms. The white trim inside the house gives a sense of elegance and luxury. The outside barn is also convenient for anything. House also includes a pool and two porches.
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Colonial Revival Style Homes

You can tell this is a Colonial revival house in serval ways. First, the two pillars by the front door, around the porch and on the side are clues. Secondly, it is mostly symmetrical on both sides, excluding the side porch. Lastly, it is white, a traditional color for colonial revival homes.