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Parent Newsletter November 9-November 13

Hello Parents!

I honestly cannot believe that it is already the middle of November! Where is this year going?? The students have been working so hard these last few weeks, but we are getting closer we get to the holiday season. When that happens, the students can become distracted due to all of the excitement! It would be greatly appreciated if over the next few weeks you can encourage your student to keep up the hard work! Thank you! I am looking forward to a great week ahead!

Missing Work: November 9-November 13

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Peek at the Week!

Math: In math this week, we will begin our unit on division. Division is directly tied to multiplication, so please continue to support your student by making sure that they are comfortable with their basic multiplication facts!

Language Arts: We will continue accountability in daily five this week! Each day, the students will track their choices and what they accomplished during each round. Students will have the option to listen to reading, read to someone, read to self, work on words, and work on writing. We are focusing on author's reasoning and evidence, so students will be pulling evidence from the text to support an author's point.

During writing, we will continue our unit on biographic sketches. We will continue drafting and begin publishing our pieces this week to make sure that we are ready for our character breakfast on Thursday! Please help your child by aiding them in creating a costume that represents their character.

Science: We will be taking a pause on science this week in order to sufficiently prepare students for the character breakfast event this week.

Leader of the Week!

Our leader of the week is Annalyse Kent! She was a bit shy about it, but Annalyse is constantly demonstrating leadership qualities, so I wanted to highlight her this week. Annalyse continually advocates for her own learning and the feelings of her fellow classmates. She is a hardworking student who aspires to be a teacher one day, and I cannot wait to see her success in the field of education! Keep it up Annalyse!
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What's going on in room 312?

Reminders and Support!


-Our class did an AMAZING job with raising money for the school with the Fun Run! Now, it is time to collect all of that money. If you did not pay online, please make sure that you send the money in with your student this week.


-Please make sure that you are up to date with the Raleigh paperwork and payments.
-I have also posted the payment schedule below for reference.

Payment Dates and Deadlines:

  • November 23rd (Monday)- First payment of $35.00 due to your child’s homeroom teacher.

  • January 25th (Monday)- Second payment of $35.00 due to your child’s homeroom teacher.

  • February 23rd (Tuesday)- Third, and FINAL payment of $30.00 due to your child’s homeroom teacher.

On February 23rd, you should be paid up for the entire cost of the trip, $135.00/student.


-We are going to try to bring back community snack! I think that the kids are going to do a much better job at keeping our room clean this time. If you can donate snack that would be greatly appreciated! All that we ask is that the snacks come to the classroom prepackaged.

-We need one subject notebooks.

-As always, the most support we need is for you to continue to encourage your child to come to school and try their best! Also, to really help them in becoming a leader through emphasizing those leadership habits whenever possible.

Thank you for all that you do!

Character Breakfast!

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 8:30am

241 Merrimon Avenue

Asheville, NC

Please come join us for our character breakfast!

Holiday Lunch

Monday, Nov. 16th, 11:30am

241 Merrimon Avenue

Asheville, NC

If you are attending the Holiday Lunch on Friday, our time is scheduled from 11:26-11:51. We hope to see you there!