The Main Things

An MSD Family Communication that Cuts out the Clutter!

June 7, 2022

New Attendance Zones Adopted, and Graduation Wrap are this year's final Main Things with Bret

Main Thing 1: New Attendance Zones Adopted

Greetings, Medford School District Families!

We are pleased to announce the Medford School District Board of Directors have adopted new attendance zones to take effect the 2023-24 school year when our third comprehensive middle school opens, Oakdale Middle School. Ruch Outdoor Community School and Medford Online Academy will continue to hold sixth grade, but all other sixth grade classes will be moved to Hedrick, McLoughlin, and Oakdale. To view the new attendance zones, visit our website, here.

As your comprehensive middle school principals, we are thrilled to work together next school year to make all three middle schools the best they can be. In the Medford School District, we put students first and believe in hands-on, minds-on, anytime, anywhere learning. We want learning to be fun, engaging, and challenging for every student. To read the full email, click here!

Main Thing 2: Graduation Wrap

Congratulations to our amazing Class of 2022! In the Medford School District, we have a shared pursuit: all options are open and hopeful. We wish our graduates the very best as they move on to their next adventures, career, college, military and more. Watch the video above for some highlights.

We also want to acknowledge that we missed calling the names of three valedictorians at the North Medford High School Graduation, Keziah Richardson, Jillian Lunnen, and Molly Milligan. We are very proud of Keziah, Jillian, and Molly, and apologize for the oversight. We are committed to ensuring that all students are recognized for accomplishments in the classroom, service to our community, and activities while at North Medford High School and will ensure we do better in the future.

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