by R.J Palacio

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the setting/plot

introduction the setting is in nyc in beacher prep

rising action


falling action



School is one of the setting. One of the setting is Auggie's house. One of the setting is the nature retreat.

The main characters are Jack Will and Summer. Another main character Justin and Julian. Than more characters August and Charlotte.

The introduction is where we meet some of the main character are Via, Auggie three times ,Miranda ,Mr. Tushman ,Justin ,Jack Will and Summer.

Rising action event number one, Auggie’s tour for his new school.

event number 2 Julian is not nice to Auggie

event number 3 Jack Will became his friend/summer
climax Auggie’s life in school

event number 1 People being nice to Auggie

event number 2 His mom called Auggie Wonder

Conclusion: Everyone is nice to Auggie and not judging him how he look.

wonder continued

I would continue the story… Auggie said “ I can’t wait for 8 grade! ” with Jack and Summer. Jack said “are you crazy 8 grade is so hard! “ Summer said, “I don’t think is gonna be that hard Julian is not here anymore because he had to move because his mom doesn’t like the school district”. Then they went off to school and first period is happening Auggie said “Let's go guys” Then teacher were very strict. We had a nice teacher in second period then people were all going to class Auggie said “guys were do we go now?” Jack said “we go to math I think” Auggie had a iphone 6 he went to the school website and he said math you’re right Jack lets go. Math was pretty easy the bell rang it was lunch time we had pay for lunch it was good Savanna was there with the “popular group” UGH said summer savanna still has attention no duh. Amos said “hey! Auggie how are you doing”. Ring ring ring well school over seeya later Auggie went home and hugged Bear hi Bear .Bear barked auggies mom said hey auggie how was school? It was nice I hope it will be a better year than last year.

Wonder stuff...

The point of view of Wonder is mostly about Auggie and his life in school.

Via is talking about how she love Auggie and not really like Auggie after the surgery.

Jack Will’s point of view is that he doesn't know why Auggie is not his friend anymore and became his friend after the halloween incident.

One theme from the book Wonder is don’t judge people how they look outside because in the inside they can get hurt very bad.

I would ask Auggie how did you do in the first year of school and how is bear doing????

I can relate to Jack will because I would be friend with the people that is people is being bullied.