Healthy Lifestyle

Take a selfie and eat your veggie's

A healthy lifestyle is good for your health if you are big.

If you think a healthy lifestyle isn't for you, thats wrong.

It is for you cause you will be fit and beat everyone in sports.

If you are trying to lose weight.

TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can’t exercise.

Just bike to work.

If you choose the right method it won’t take much time.

Its good for you if you are losing weight.

Just TRY IT!!!!!
What happens if you do it...

It will keep you fit.

You will have abbs.
What happens if you don't do it...

Do you want to stay fat?

You wont be able to play outside with people.


Watch the ingredients in your food.

Fruit, veggies, foods high in protein, etc. 4/29/2015

Limiting your sugar and trans fat intake. 4/29/2015

bike to work, go on walks, walk your dog, etc. 4/29/2015

depends on your method. 4/29/2015

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