5 Steps to Prepare Building Your Course Using Desire2Learn

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Building a course with a new learning management system is full of unexpected twists and turns. The unfamiliar user interface and new terminology devour instructors’ time and effort like paper being sucked into a shredder. Planning and organizing the materials for your course will expedite the course building process will help reduce the amount of time instructors spend working on their course, leaving more time to work with students. Using a migrated course, instructors will begin the building process by gathering and organizing course materials by following the 5 Steps to Prepare Building Your Course Using Desire2Learn.

Demonstrations are an instructional strategy where the students learn procedures by seeing application in action and then they have the opportunity to apply those procedures immediately.


Classes meet in the Educational Technology lab where everyone has a computer station to work independently. During class everyone will log in to Desire2Learn and open one of their migrated courses that they would like to rebuild or reorganize for the upcoming summer or fall semester. The class will then follow the 5 steps.

The button below will open a new window for JCCC's D2L login.


Remove the red colored paragraph that begins "Course Does Not Use D2L" from your course homepage by:

  • Selecting "Edit Course", then "Homepages".
  • Under Active Homepage is a drop-down menu, select "D2L- Used- Widget Removed"
  • Click "Apply" and select the course name above the navbar to return to the course homepage.


Review the Terminology changes between ANGEL and Desire2Learn, and locate the terms in D2L.

For some additional information about the converting to D2L from ANGEL visit Michigan State University's Website at

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Organize all of your course materials that will be available to students in the course.

  • Divide the material into lessons that correspond to the number of weeks in the course, a sequence of chapters from the textbook or numerical units. Using materials from your ANGEL courses is a good place to start.
  • Include all material for the course except video files that will be embedded via the college’s YouTube channel or the Flash Video Server.


Zip all the course folders on your computer’s desktop and upload the zip file to your course by selecting "Edit Course" in the navbar, then “Manage Files” and at the top of page select "Upload" and drag n’ drop your Zip file into the Drop files here box.


In “Manage Files” you should see your zip file. Select the drop down arrow to the right of the Zip file name and select Unzip. A new folder will appear with the same name as the zip file. Open the folder to see all of your course materials ready to be added to your course.


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  • Research Desire2Learn courses that have an appealing look and feel that you could use in your own course.
  • Connect with a colleague and ask for tips about course organization and layout.
  • Make an appointment with your EdTech Analyst for some one on one help building your course.
  • Search YouTube for Desire2Learn tutorials.