Order of Operations

The how to guied


When doing this you need to follow the rule of perenthises, exponets, multiply or divide witch ever one comes first, that goes the same for adding and subtacting. A way to remembe this is PEMDAS.

Don't be intimidated

When you get to a hard problme don't get  scared all you have to do is follow PEMDAS. Break up the problme into small easy ones.

Some practice

This is a garentied methode if you follow it.

1. Why is there a sertain order that it has to be in?This is because everybody needs to get the same ansure.2. is there another way to do this?The ansure to this is no because nobody would get the same ansure.

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Staar problem


How I did it

First I did the perenthises after I would have done exponets but there was none. Then I did the rest of the problem by following PEMDAS to get a final ansure of 183.