4 Points Of McRaven

By Chris Allen II

Start Off By Making Your Bed

I think this means that its a start of a great day. Making your bed show how your going to get ready for all the other task in the day and will finish them in a neat manner like when you make your bed.
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Measure a Person by there Heart Not the size of there flippers

This means even if a person doesn't meet the requirements If they have a lot of pashen and is willing to put the work in then that's who you should go with
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Dont Back Down From Sharks

This means that Not matter how big the challenge you should face it because you can learn something if you fail or there a chance you can even beat that challenge you never know
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Dont Ever, Ever Ring The Bell

This pretty much means to never give up no matter how many times you fall down or how hard you think the challenge is. All you have to do is give 100% to the task. That's way better then giving up and ringing the bell. At least at then end you will be able to say you never gave up
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