Pennsylvaina Snapping turtles

& what part they play in the wet lands in Pennsylvaina

Fun Facts About Sapping Turtles.

Life span of snapping turtles are 20 - 70 years.

Takes 3 - 4 months for the eggs to hatch

They lay 10 - 50 eggs

They have fleshy filamentous eyelashes

There body weight can be 35 - 40 kilograms

How can people save wetlands witch inreturn save the snapper population?

The main thing people could do to keep the wetlands safe to wildlife is to keep population down, such as properly dissposing of trash. Another thing people could do is Not disturb them such as building over or around them.

What are wetlands?

Well wetlands are mostly a marsh, swamp, or other area of land where the soil near the surface is saturated or covered with water, especially one that forms a habitat for wildlife.

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