Phasmids are dying

Help Phasmids


Cutting down trees

We have to help Phasmids because we are breaking their homes and building our homes and they would have no were to live. Now they are very scared and are losing places to hide from predators. Also breaking their homes will also make them have less food. If we

don't stop doing this when they moult they wont be healthy enough then they will die.

If no more trees they wont be able to camofloug.

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Ideas to stop this

People need to plant more gum trees for Phasmids. People have to stop cutting down parts of gum trees. This picture is bad for Phasmids because this is some one cutting down

a tree. This must never happen because it hurts Phasmids and it stops their life cycle. Stopping their life cycle can make them die because that will make them not moult and not moulting kills them.


With out ants the spiny/stick insects wont have any places to put their eggs that means how will they take care of their eggs. If trees fall ants go away and go deep down and not pop out for a wile and Phasmids can't get ants to take care of the eggs. This is what happens.


predators are big threats

Predators can do lots of damage to Phasmids. Phasmids are weak to predators and can't defend them self.

Phasmids go to high places so the predators can't reach them. Birds can not get them because they hide in leaves if it's a tree. They also go to high birds and other animals can't get them because everything will be afraid of heights. Down below there are some predators.

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This predator is a Dung Beetle they eat soil and if they eat ant holes they will also eat ant and with out ants who will take care of Phasmids eggs and that is why they are predators.


Phasmids are herbivores they eat different leaves and sticks. They go on trees to camouflage and pretend to be a leaf. Species of phasmids include crown stick insect, hurricane stick insect, goliath stick and spiny leaf insect.