Come to Athens

By. Nicholas Latona


When you come to Athens you will be able to experience many things, like Art, Science, Philosphy. So right now Art, Science and Philosphy is flourishing. If you come you will be able to experience even more.

Where you can go in Athens

When you come to Athens, you can see where Athenians live and what are houses are made of. In Athens there are poor people and wealthy people, but the only different is the sizes of our houses, but they are all made the same thing . Athens houses are made of dry sun blocks and are very dark and airless spaces. So if you come to Athens you will be able to see how they live.

Foods in Athens

In Athens there are certain food that you could eat it was Bread, Dairy, Fish, Meat, Meals Wine and water. Who wouldn't come to Athens there food sounds amazing.


Ancient Greece - democracy in ancient Athens

Life In Athens for Boys and Girls

In Athens boys have different chores then girls. In Athens boys have the option of going to school, but most didn't because it cost to much money. Instead they would stay home and help with the family business. Girls where expected to stay home and learn household skills.

When you come to Athens

In Athens you will see many things like slavery. Slavery in Athens many where sold, one that is healthy and young are sold for $180.00. Slaves are treated good in some families, they are aloud to participate in family rituals. It depends on your employer.

Schools in Athens

Until age six, boys were taught at home by their mother or a male slave. Age six to 14 was primary school. The teacher in school is always a male. Once the youths were 16, their 'basic education' was complete. The boys who didn't have to work could now study the sciences and philosophy.

Come to Athens now

If you want a relaxing get away and your a woman this is the place for you because you get to stay inside and relax all day, but if your the outdoor kind of person then this isn't the place for you. If you really want to experience a war then come to Athens and maybe you will get lucky and see a war, Athens vs. Sparta. Now come to Athens and you will get to visit exciting things.