Immune System

Defense System

Innate immune system

  • Skin
  • Covers body
  • Prevents pathogens from penetrating the body.
  • Often preached because of the holes (mouth, nose, etc.)
  • Coughing and sneezing is a defense to get rid of the intruder

Adaptive immune system

  • White Blood Cells
  • Attacks/eats pathogens inside the body
  • Works by contact or engulfing
  • Roam around in the body until they are called to a certain spot
  • Immunological memory (each pathogen is remembered by a signature antigen)

Passive Immune System

  • Antibodies
  • Tags and neutralizes the pathogens
  • Killer T-cells attach and destroy infected cells (suicide cells)
  • Helper T-cells call the killer T-cells to destroy
  • Antigens are specific substances found in foreign microbes
  • When antigens are detected by a macrophage, the T-cells become activated
Immune system- 3 Lines of Defense