Air pollution affects the Bees

"Colony Collapse Disorder" 05/05/15 by Mariah Stokes

Whats going on with these bees?

Colony Collapse disorder is a disorder were bees all leave their hive for mysterious reasons. Many researchers say that back I the day the scent of the flower could travel a few thousand feet. Due to the air pollution the flower scent can only travel 1,000 feet or so, and this causes the bees to have a hard time finding it.This is causing many of the bees to die and raises growing concerns to our future food supply. Almost 100 of world's most important food crops use pollination from pumpkins to grapefruits and bees are the most important.

Scientist have done research and suggest that the high of agriculture pesticides sometimes even toxic even can cause the bee population to leave their home. No one is suggesting that neonictinoids are the sol cause of this because more research has needs to be done, but in the past it has caused bee declines. When they first introduced these chemicals in the 1990s they tried to sell it as a safer alternative, but their still many questions not answered. The main point is that pollution has truly affected the bees nervous system and ability to function. Some people think we are at the point of no return, but my question is "What do we do now?"

Saving the wild bees in Poland