George Hildebrand Weekly

Sept. 19-23, 2016

Review of last week...

Wow! What another great week we had! We kicked off our PTO Raffle on Tuesday! Please participate in selling raffle tickets and encouraging our students to do so as well. There are lots of GREAT teacher prizes as well as student prizes up for grabs!!! Remember, our carnival is Oct. 21st and this is one of the events that I do expect all staff to be involved in somehow (see Donna Roe to see how you can help).

As an extra incentive for teacher participation, the three teachers who raise the most money, will get to wear jeans for a week.

We also had a GREAT turnout with Grandparents visiting our students! I know our students were super excited to have visitors at lunch! Next year, we may have to do more than two days.

Please remember to review the faculty meeting notes from September if needed. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you!

September Character Trait:


We reviewed at our faculty meeting and hopefully, you are all getting better and better acclimated with it. Thank you Ballenger, Roe, James, A.Lowman, and Watts for sharing some great tools/ideas with

As we being our fourth week with this program, please remember to include your standards.

Below is the 'cheat sheet' from last week's newsletter. Again, if you need any help, please see Ms. Compton.

Upcoming events...remember to check GHES Calendar, too!

Monday, Sept. 19-

Happy Birthday, Kelly Carswell!!!

Continue STAR, mClass, and Reading3D assessments all week

Have submitted Spelling Bee names to Armour

PreK and K Dental Screenings

Reading Committee Meeting 3pm in Hodges room

Tuesday, Sept. 20-

Happy Birthday, Meghan Armour and Amanda Arel!!!

4th grade field trip: Morganton Courthouse/City Hall

Jandrew to CO for PDP@ 11:30am

Wednesday, Sept. 21-

Thursday, Sept. 22-

SST Meeting 2:30pm

Friday, Sept. 23-

Spelling Bee 8:40am

Attendance Committee Meeting 10am

Saturday, Sept. 24-

EBHS Cavalier Fest 9-2pm

General Reminders

  • Keep doors to copy room shut. We do not want little ones to 'wander' in there especially when laminator is on and HOT!
  • Sign-up for Big Bulletin Board assignments (we'll do seasons). E-mail went to grade level/special area chairs.
  • Thank you for clocking into TimeKeeper each morning by 7:30am.
  • Hospitality dues ($25 certified; $20 classified) are due to Marie Clay by Oct. 1st
  • If you choose to wear jeans on Fridays, please remember to wear a school shirt or school-color shirt. See Marie Clay regarding payments.
  • Make sure you are checking your Class Dojo messages and promptly responding
  • Check e-mail daily
  • Book Fair starts the last week in September.
  • PTO Program Sept. 29th (1st grade presents; Annual Public Title 1 Meeting)
  • Next Faculty Meeting: Oct. 6th. ALL staff to attend (ValuTeacher Retirement presentation)