industrial production

It was great for the people in Briton.

Before the industrial production

people were isolated to the world. they were allwaes busy with the daily chorus. from day brack to day dusk on the faourm. the women on the farm hand to do the house woruk when

the positive effect of industrial production

How factory made people lives better.

  • During the 1800s, machines replaced hand labor like moving things and making mutual for buildings,clothing, and may other things.
  • in the 1900s the factory owners had a new method of production. That is to have people stay in one put of the factory. This method slowed down the number of people that get hart

the life of the people

  • early 1700s food supplies and living conditions improved. Then there was an increasing population that demand for food and goods. As farmers lost their land they became factory workers.
  • in the 1900 workers made buildings and houses out of steel. they did them by going up.


in the late 1800s the was a new class. they are the rich, middle-class, and low middle-class


Over time the industrial production became bater for all people. even the pore and working class.