Abortion Controversy

By: Jantzen Barker

Narrative Letter

This project is being created by Jantzen Barker for my twelfth grade English project.

Should abortion remain legal? Abortion is a controversial topic. Abortion is a willful and intentional killing of a fetus, most of the time performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. It has been 40 years since Roe v. Wade decision to legalize abortion. This topic can be very personal because it deals with a woman’s body and the termination of an unborn child. It is legal in the United States by Federal law but there are many restrictions that are enforced by individual states.

There are pros and cons to the abortion topic. Pro-choice supports that abortions should be legal because they believe women should have the right to make their own choice. Religion and the government should not be able to control what they do with their own bodies. They believe that abortions should be part of basic health care. Pro-life tries to reduce the numbers of abortion. There was 38% fewer abortion providers in the United States between 1982 and 2008. They believe that life begins at conception so abortion is the killing of an unborn child.

My Poem

One night with a man unknown
May turn into one night that made a big mistake
And one day that you feel funny
May turn into one day your sitting in your bathroom crying
Because of one big plus on a stick
Then that one day you may go to a doctor
And that doctor prescribes a pill
That will end your once big mistake
And after that mistake has gone you cry
Because that one big mistake
Could have turned into your one good Accomplishment


Pro-Choice video

Abortion poem

The baby's conceived,
Without being planned.
A night of passion,
With an unknown man.

The girl is distraught,
The man is long gone.
The intimate moment,
Does not linger on.

The girl is confused,
Knows not what to do.
The friends that she has,
Are precious and few.

The girl's family,
Will shun her for sure.
If she tells the truth,
They'll love her no more.

The thoughts in her head,
Ungodly at best.
"I can't have this child,
My life is a mess.

The drugs that I'm on,
Have taken their toll.
They rule my body,
My mind and my soul".

The answer's simple,
It'll just take one day.
She'll have The Clinic,
Sweep the baby away.

The Lord in her heart,
Says, "Please trust in me".
And deep down inside,
She knows the baby must be.


Pro-Life Video

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Poem: Dear Baby Unborn

Dear baby unborn,
You came out of the blue,
I took a pregnancy test,
And then I knew,

My world turned upside down,
Inside I could feel you,
It made me smile,
But part of me knew I couldn't keep you,

You became my world,
I would talk to you hour on hour,
I grew to love you,
I wished the decision was out of my power.

See, I wanted to be your mum,
I wanted to keep you safe,
I wanted to hold you close,
I wanted to be the one you depended on.
For a second I thought I could do it,
I thought I could be the one,
I thought I was ready for it,
But in just two days you were gone.

You see, mummy loved you
With every part of her heart,
But Mummy knew that we were better off apart,
Because Mummy couldn't give you the life that you deserved,

There isn't a single day,
Where Mummy doesn't wish that she could reach up
And grab you back down to earth,
Place you safely back in Mummy's tummy,
And show you how much you're worth

Smiling is hard without you,
I grieve for you every day,
But this was my decision,
I chose to let you fly away,

Fly away with the angels
And look down on me from up above,
Understand my decision baby,
It really wasn't done through a lack of love

I loved all that you were with every part of me,
That will never change,
You will always be my first,
My baby unborn at 65 days.

Debate on abortion

Jantzen Barker


Mrs. Grubbs

December 7, 2014

Debate on Abortion

Abortion has been in a very big debate for a long time and is still been in a debate even today. Many say it is okay to kill the fetus because it has not yet been born. But many other still thinks it is very wrong to do so because the fetus could still come out to be a living child. “Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal of a fetus or embryo from the uterus resulting death of the unborn child”.

One very big foot step in the debate of abortion is the Roe v. Wade court debate. There is the Pro–life which proposes that abortion is wrong in every way because it is taking a like. Pro-choice is the people that think it is the women’s rights to choose wither they can abort their own fetus or not. But there are many laws made that set “guidelines” for abortion. In the whole world there is about thirty countries that have legalized abortion, but the rest of the world has either banned it or has set restrictions on it. I know you may think “oh it’s okay for abortion if you have gotten sexually abused or raped” but the thing about that is the percentage of thoughs people is only seven percent of the abortions. Meaning most of the abortions are social or personal issues. Abortion has a big history and can be performed in many ways, such as medicine or surgery. But there is rape or sexually abused victims, which can lead to depression or socially awkwardness, or even committing suicide.

Abortion cons aren’t very high in number but they say, “Why take away someone chance from living”. You can’t just takes some ones right to live. Many say it is considered abortion at conception and that killing it then is wrong. Abortion cons also say “can we not justify our acts? A baby often considered as God’s gift, and its believed that every living being has a purpose behind His/her birth”. They say many abortions can turn into regret and the women wishes she never had gone through it and regrets it and it sometimes ends in depression and stress and a lifetime worth of burden. So if abortion is “the termination of a pregnancy by the removal of a fetus or embryo from the uterus, resulting death of the unborn child” does that not mean that mean killing the fetus after conception is wrong? Even an estimation of 42 million abortions are performed annually with 20 million of those abortions done unsafe.

Then there is abortion pros, life can really be hard on a person that has been raped or sexually abused so people would like to say it okay to get an abortion. this is where most of pro abortionist come from, because the woman was forced into pregnancy they say she should not have to bare that burden and that the woman has the right to choose what she does with the child. They feel it should be the woman’s decision to say if she should have an abortion or not, because there are a lot of problems they would have to go through, like going through labor and having to birth the child. Then having to take care of the child and raising it and having to juggle responsibilities. Another reason they say abortion could be ok, is because sense we have technology these day we are able to detect disease and other sicknesses in the child. So they feel like it would be ok and go ahead and kill the child so they don’t have to go through the suffering and pain through their everyday lives. Whether you agree or not, abortion will always play an active role in our society, In the US itself, more than four thousand cases of abortion are reported on a daily basis. While for some people abortion can be very stressful experience, to some others having force a child and be just as depressing experience. It not very possible to go by the rules, when it comes to dealing with the certain issue, when a human’s life is involved. but in the end of the day, a mother has a right to commit abortion or not, is how pro abortionist say.