Pre K Weekly Update

March 13, 2015

What we did this week...

This week we met the Letter Buddy Regular R. We learned the sound of R, worked on writing the letter, and recognizing it in print. We read the Letter Buddy Book The Rocket. We were also introduced to the sight words up down, there, is and the. We practiced our best handwriting and wrote some awesome R's. We worked on rhyming sets, as well, in Language Arts. We colored cut and matched rhyming sets and listened to a silly rhyming song as well. We read many books that centered around rhyming so that we could practice guessing the appropriate rhyme. In science we learned about plants! We read the story TOPS and BOTTOMS and learned about the vegetables that grow above and below the ground. We used our sight words up and down to write about which vegetables we liked that grew up or down. We created pictures to go along with our writings. We painted pictures of flowers which included with parts of the plant. We labeled each part. We talked about and wrote what a plant needs in order to live and grow. We read the book Rosie Revere Engineer and talked about how green houses are buildings that grow plants. We used pretzels and marshmallows to create structure. It was a challenge but we had a blast and best of all we related what we were building to the book Rosie Revere Engineer since Rosie learned in the story that you have to try and try again! We also conducted a bean experiment on Monday! We used black and Lima beans to show how seeds sprout by wrapping the beans in a moist paper towel and placing it in a plastic bag in a dark corner. In Just two days we noticed how the beans were sprouting. By Friday, the all of the black beans had sprouted and the Lima beans were starting to crack! It was so neat to see but they sure were stinky! In math we focused on addition and number writing. We used beans to count with and loved comparing them in size and shape with magnifying glasses. We counted beans using number cards as a visual. We also practiced counting in the garden center with plastic flowers and vegetables.

Next week...

We will be learning about a new letter buddy and more sight words for our sight word wall. We will continue with plants and start growing our own. We will talk about and experiment regenerating celery and carrots! We will chart the growth of our bean sprouts. In Math we will learn about the concept of subtraction and practice this concept with felt shapes, numbers, and the subtraction symbol!

TUESDAY WILL BE THE ST PATRICK'S DAY DANCE. The event will start at 1:00! Please Dress Down in Green!