Nathaniel Bacon // Marc Bonilla.

The bacon with a rebellion.

Nathaniel Bacon was born on Jan 15, 1647 in Suffolk, England. His parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Brooke Bacon.

Nathaniel's Rebellion, 1676.

Nathaniel Bacon's rebellion began because of the people of Virginia were having trouble with some Natives Americans. Governor Berkeley, leader of the Virginia colony, passed a law that allowed Natives to live in Virginia colony grounds. This law irradiated Nathaniel and soon enough Nathaniel rebelled against Berkeley. Berkeley very soon fled from the Virginia Colony, Nathaniel's rebellion burnt down Jamestown; Nathaniel's rebel against Berkeley finished when Bacon died Oct 26th, 1676.

Bacon's death led to the Rebellions failure which led to Berkeley to defeat them.

One big Achievement.

Nathaniel's big achievement was his rebellion against Berkeley, and burning down Jamestown.

Nathaniel B's quote.

The poverty of the country is such that all the power and sway has got into the hands of the rich, who by extortious advantages, having the common people in their debt, have always curbed and oppressed them in all manner of ways.

Nathaniel Bacon quote.'' - Nathaniel Bacon.