Chicago Trip

What I did this summer

This summer I went from Green Bay to Chicago on a yellow school bus. When I got to Chicago with a small group of 12 people from my church, we ended up helping at a People's Resource Center moving food. We also helped at one of the main Feed my Starving Children's worksites packaging meals. One of the reasons I wanted to go was to help people less fortunate than I am.

Look at Me!

Connection #1 to Science - Mechanical Energy

Mechanical energy is the energy that moves objects. For example, when we helped out at the PRC, I helped move food that were in tinfoil and in bins. Whenever I moved the bins of food, I used mechanical energy to do it.

Connection #2 to Science - Kinetic and Potential Energy

Kinetic and potential energy are two general types of energy. Potential energy is stored energy due to the position or chemical composition of it. The bins of food positioned above ground gives it potential energy. There are different forms of potential energy. One of them being energy that results from gravity. The height and the mass of the bins above ground cause how much potential energy it has because of gravity.

Kinetic energy is the energy an object has when it's in motion. Kinetic energy increases as mass increases. Kinetic energy also increases as speed accelerates. For example, when I was moving the bins of food, some of them probably had different amounts of kinetic energy due to the mass of them and the speed at which I was moving them at.

I Wonder...

1. How much kinetic energy did the bins have when I was moving them?

2. If we didn't have mechanical energy would we not be able to move things?

3. How much potential energy did the bins have before I moved them?

4. When we were moving the bins did we have exactly the same amount of energy as the bins?


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