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FLY Update

We hope everyone had a fun weekend in the snow!

Here are some topics your student may be covering now and in the coming weeks:

-The names of rooms in the house in their target language
-How to say different furniture in their target lanuage
-The names of different activities, such as swimming and skiing, and the locations where you may do those activities, such as the lake or the mountain, in their target language

Use these youtube videos to review vocabulary related to the house. They are a quick, easy way to get some practice in, and you won't have to worry about pronouncing the words for your student. :)

The House in Spanish: http://goo.gl/Epi0yP

Handy House Vocabulary in French: goo.gl/fjyx0d

Learn Japanese - Room Vocabulary: http://goo.gl/SWPA8g

Learn how to say the items in your living room in Mandarin: goo.gl/HZslfc

FLY Safety

    Absent students: Please let the FLY office or your FLY teacher know in advance if your student is going to be absent. We want to make sure all students are safe and accounted for, and in order to do so, our teachers spend time in the beginning of class taking attendance. If a student is missing and the teacher was not informed in advance, they must take time to notify the office and the parents. If we can let the teachers know in advance, it's a big help! Thanks to those of you who have already been doing this.

    UW Spanish Drawing Contest

    If your student is entering the drawing contest, on the cover sheet you will have to provide a teacher name and phone number. You may use the following:

    Konni Barich, Executive Director
    Foreign Language for Youth

    Here's the information for the contest:

    The Center for Spanish Studies at the University of Washington has announced their annual drawing contest for Elementary and Middle School students. There will be three prizes for each level. The topic is “Esta es mi familia” / “This is my family”. The drawings should be no larger than 8”x10” and submitted by mail and postmarked to the Center of Spanish Studies prior to February 28th, 2014, with the attached cover sheet. The Center asks that the student please not frame the drawing, and to include the Cover Sheet. This contest is not part of the FLY Curriculum and is therefore not required work. But since we know about it and thought it would be interesting for FLY Students, we've included it in our newsletter so that you are aware of the contest should your student wish to participate. All questions about this program should be directed to spnrectr@uw.edu.

    Student Quotes

    "Do we have to go to regular class? Can't we have class all day? Let's stay here!"

    -FLY Student

    "Why can't we have Spanish class everyday? I love Spanish class!" -FLY Student