Holiday Extravaganza Specials

Get 50% Discount off new sets AND our regular products too!

50% off new product Sets for Everyone! Only through Wednesday at midnight!

This year EVERYONE can place their HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA order on Beautinet!

New Product Sets are available under Best Offers NOW ~ Only through Wednesday.

There are 2 fabulous new product sets, one is only $87.50 and one is $165! Excellent value for you!

EVERYONE and I MEAN EVERYONE can order HALF OFF through Wednesday NIGHT at MIDNIGHT!!! Visit to order today.

EVERYONE is in one of these 2 groups:

1. YOU placed a $150 order by 19th and can do half off everything on beautinet including best offers and extravaganza packages w bag! and items also found under best offers.

2. If you did not place the $150 order in October, you will need at least one extravaganza package in order to unlock the half off EVERYTHING!!

FOR BOTH Groups:

**Hit $350 or more retail and get $5 shipping and the beautiful bonus bag too!

**Hit $1000 and get FREE SHIPPING and deferred payment for 30 days! Example: 1000 is $500 so 250 plus tax on 1000 now and 250 in 30 days! bonus bag

***** Watch your amounts if you are in first 90 days and eligible for Dream Start Packages!!!

This order will keep your consultant status ACTIVE for another 4 months

Inactives can do ANY SIZE order and get half off with this offer and REACTIVATE!!

Time to start thinking about Holiday selling and holiday giving too! Smart girls Shop at 50% and save!

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Sherri Derouchie

Thank you for your loyalty to our team!

Loving working together with you~

Watch both videos below and email me one thing you liked in them and I will enter you into a product draw!

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