Summer Wilderness Trip

( 14 days of backpacking trip)

Review of my Summer experience

The Summer Wilderness Expedition has completed the first leg of their journey, traveling through river canyons, over mountains, and through grassy meadows. Despite the New Mexico monsoon season delivering rainstorms during several days, they remain in good spirits, and were ready for a fresh supply of rations when I met them at the trail head. Our instructors continue to teach lessons and ensure safe travel, but they have turned over much of the leadership to the students, giving them a chance to practice their navigation, decision-making skills, and practice group leadership. Today they have a steep climb up to Pecos Baldy Lake, and will experience a whole new environment: New Mexico alpine lakes and rocky peaks. They’ll stay up high for most of the remainder of the trip, sleeping between 11,000 and 12,000 feet each night, and get to look down on the country they traveled through on the first half!

The first thing that I have posted on my status after 14 days of mine in the wilderness

Excitements after coming back

Wow! I am back to civilization! I have finished my trip in WILDERNESS. I was away from shower 14 days which is completely bad but it worth it. I did my backpacking trip on Pecos Wilderness. Saw many beautiful views ever. I have been on the top of the mountain to watch sunrise. I have seen 3 big lakes and swam in one. I have learnt how to predict storm and guess how far it is. I have actually been under a lot storm on those 14 day. We have been walking, hiking, and going downhill everyday from the early morning till the late evening. It was a big challenge for me but I am proud of myself that I did it. Hello my friends I am back again.