Chromebooks in the Class

Benton Tech Tips for Teachers

Logging into a Chromebook

Most of our chromebooks now have the domain pre-filled. "", so they only need to enter the first part before the @; however if they type the first part and hit @, they must complete the rest. They also must use their full email address to login to Google services from non-chromebooks and at home.

How to Reset your Password

Benton Password Manager- This is an App that is located at the bottom of your Chromebook before you login to it. Allows you to change your password.

Chromebook Tips

In every system, holding down the power button is generally a bad idea and should be reserved for complete lock-ups. It can lead to data corruption (including failure to boot). Students should logout, close the lid and place them neatly back into the cart in the slots they are assigned. They should also ensure that the charger cable gets connected back up.

It is a good idea to have your students shut down the Chromebooks on Friday's, just so they can be shut down and booted back up completely on occasion.

Staff can login to a student chromebook if needed as well even though is pre-filled. When they type the @ symbol in their email address, " " will disappear and they can type ""

For those Missing Keys :)

No Delete Key

Chromebooks do not have a delete key. They just have a backspace but below are a few shortcuts you can use.

ALT + Backspace - Delete the next letter (forward delete)

CTRL+ Backspace - Will delete the previous word

No Home or End Keys

Here are a few shortcuts to remedy that

ALT + Up Arrow Key - Home

ALT + Down Arrow Key - End

Trackpad Tricks

Click or tap with two finger for a right click.

Swipe with two fingers for scrolling.

Google Accessibility

Chrome OS- Chromebooks

Chrome Browser-Any Device

Speech to Text and Text to Speech

Below is an extension that a can be added to any Google Chrome browser.

Read&Write for Google is a browser add-on for use with any PC, Mac or Chromebooks. It works with web pages and in Google Drive.

Printing From a Chromebook

The link below is the instruction for how to setup your Google Cloud Print. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to be able to print from your Chromebook at School. This part must be done on your PC. You WILL NOT do this on the Chromebook. There is a link of the setup sheet that will help you connect a Cloud ready printer. Most home printers if they are no older than 3 years are cloud ready printers. (THIS ONLY WORKS FOR TEACHER COMPUTERS)

Connect your printer to a Google Cloud Print

I'm Here to Help!

Need more help with your Chromebooks? Send me an email and I will be happy to come by and work with you.