St. Lucia

By: Sarah Chaney

Independence in St. Lucia

St. Lucia was controlled by the UK and France when UK eventually took all of the power. Before long, on Febuary 22, 1979, gained there independence.

Where is St. Lucia?

St. Lucia is located in the Carribean Sea and is south of Florida. It is between Martinique and St. Vincent. It is also NorthWest of Barbados

Government and Economics

St. Lucias Government is a Parliamentary Democracy and is lead by Prime Minister, Kenny Davis Anthony. The country is on good terms with other places like the U.S. Embassies, American Chambers of Commerce, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Trobago. There currency is an East Carribean Dollar and there Economic System is Capitalism. They import crude pertroleum, cars, poultry meat, electric motor parts, and wheat flowers from Brazil, Argentina, U.S., China and the UK. They export bananas, refined petroleum, beer, flavored water, and paper containers to UK, France, Barbados, Guyana, and Dominica.

Tourist Information

St Lucia is good for everyone and has many places to visit such as the Pitons, Marigot Bay, Pigeon Island, Botanical Gardens, Cap Mason, and Vigie Beach. St. Lucia is beautiful and everyone should have the experience of paging there at least once in there life