Digital Citizenship Week

Part 5 of 5 - Wrapping Up

Welcome to the final part of our series on Digital Citizenship! Before we can complete our lessons on Digital Citizenship, there are a few more general tips for Internet use that will help us to stay safe, and to be good citizens, online and offline. As always, please preview the lesson to make sure that you are comfortable with the materials before sharing with your students.

Stay True

Detecting Lies and Staying True

Beware of Tricks

Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks

Stay Safe

Social, Smart, Secure. Tips for Staying Safe Online

In Conclusion

We hope that you have enjoyed these lessons on Digital Citizenship! We believe that if the children of the World learn the importance of their online behaviors while they are young, they stand a chance at not endangering themselves online, both now and in the future. The kids of the current generation are truly Digital Natives. They have never known a time that the Internet did not exist. They live their lives in a world saturated with connected devices and instant access to information. We, as teachers, need to prepare them for the challenges that come with such access.

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