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IT Technical Trainer

Company Name: Canary Wharf and City

Location: London, south East

Contact Details: 020 7510 9470

Salary: Up to £446 per day

A crucial skill for this job role is a strong technical knowledge because you will be building and delivering technical training material and courses to people worldwide. This means you will also have to have an understanding of E-learning techniques and the creation and delivery of E-learning packages so that you can produce the best E-learning packages as possible. Otherwise, if the packages are substandard they will not be as helpful as they need to be.

You will also have to be very good at supporting others as this will improve your ability to produce effective E-learning packages and will help many more people with what they are trying to accomplish. If you was not very good at supporting others you would have a hard time trying to find out where to start when creating your E-learning packages, this is something that can be improved so it is not as crucial.

Also, you will need to have good creativity as people will find the E-learning packages more helpful if they look better and will be more pleasant to look at, whereas looking at a plain screen with writing on will become boring and you will lose focus and then will not learn as much as you would want to. This is a crucial factor to take in when creating E-learning packages as we want the best experience for the users as possible.

IT System Support Specialist

Company Name: First Wessex

Location: Eastleigh, Hampshire

Contact Details: 0800 019 1469

Salary: £26,500 per annum

For this Job you will need an A-level (or equivalent) qualifications in IT discipline, this is important as you will play a critical role in the success of the business and will be managing the core business systems and will be enhancing systems to improve the communication channels with our customers so that we can help them much easier. You will also be required to assist with technical and business IT advice to fulfil the requirement of the business.

Another skill you will require is commitment, this is essential because if someone is not committed to their work they will not complete as many tasks. Also, if it is not dealt with, it could lead to the downfall of the company, which would be terrible for many people because they would likely lose their jobs. So if we was find out that an employee is not committed to doing the work we would have to replace them with someone with more enthusiasm and commitment so that the business can continue to rise.

Also, you will need to have good communication skills and good customer care because we always put the customer first and want to ensure that they have the best experience possible when calling for advice. Having good communication skills is crucial for this role because you will be taking calls from customers throughout the day and you will also have to help the other members of staff when they need technical or business IT advice.