You make the game.

What is ROBLOX?

ROBLOX is both a website and a platform that allows users to create a computer game and share it with a large audience. Users can transform the currency (Robux) they earn from their games into real US dollars, which could turn their game-creating hobby into a career of game development. The system used to pay developers is known as DevEx, or Developer Exchange.

Getting a job at ROBLOX

There are other opportunities at ROBLOX other than creating games. Earning a job and making a career and working directly with the ROBLOX staff is also a very real goal you can reach. There are many openings for various jobs at ROBLOX for hard working, creative people. ROBLOX Careers

What developers are making:

Be a Part of This

ROBLOX offers a clean and elaborate studio to help you get your projects fabricated. With game-changing updates and increasing benefits for developers and staff, ROBLOX is an excellent and welcoming career to have.

ROBLOX Corporation

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