Tips to Create High School Resume

Maggie Maslowski...English 2

Why do I need a Resume?

A resume is basically an advertisement of your skills, abilities, and accomplishments that can be shared at an interview for a job and/or college. Your qualifications show a future employer or college advisory what makes you stand out or seem special so that you can attain the job and/or college acceptance.

5 Required Components of a Student Resume

  • Contact Info (Full Name, appropriate email address, phone number, and address
  • Objective (goal or purpose for resume)
  • Educational Background (Class of ?, GPA, Awards, Honors, etc)
  • Experience (Work, Volunteer, Athletic, Club, etc)
  • Skills (Are you certified in CPR? Do you have your Drivers License? Do you have Computer skills?)

Video Showcasing How to Create a Resume for a High School Student Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 03 How to create a resume for a high school student

Click on the link below to access a Padlet page filled with examples of good and bad resumes. Please add your own good or bad example to the Padlet page with an explanation of why it's a good or bad example.


  1. Peruse the Good and Bad examples of Resumes
  2. Create a Resume with all 5 expectations
  3. Submit your Resume
  4. Write a Blog post on our Class Edublog reflecting on your resume creation process