Mexico is a federal republic in North America. It almost covers 2 million square kilometers. Mexico is the 5th largest country in America by a total area and the its the 13th largest indepedent nation in the world. Their population is 113 million. The most populous spanish speaking country is also Mexico and the second most populous country in Latin America. Unlike America, Mexico has only 31 states and one federal districk , which is its capital, Mexico City. mexico is also one of the worlds largest economies , its the 1oth largest oil producer in the world.

mexico has the 14th largest nominal GDP .Its also one of the most visited countries in the world. roman catholicism is the main religion. Their tradional music includes mariachi, banda, and rachenra. Like many other countries, Mexico has their own famous cuisine. Mexico has also hosted the XIX Olympic Games in 1968 making it the first latin country to host the olympic games. Soccer, also known as fotball in Mexico is the most liked and palyed sport in Mexico . Although bullfighting is also common in the country .

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