Meet the Helpers

Virtual Learning Session by WXXI Education

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Session Focus:

  • Mister Rogers Connection
  • Purpose & Goals
  • Helpers
  • Coronavirus
  • Be a Helper
  • MTH PBS LearningMedia Collection

The Legacy of Fred Rogers

The legacy of Fred Rogers is of great importance; not just to children, though it surely is to them, but to all of us. And his thoughtful, sensitive, integrated approach can continue to be of great value to many future generations of children, through his programs and through the work of others who follow his example.

-The Fred Rogers Center

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Meet the Helpers

What & Why?

Meet the Helpers is a multi platform initiative produced by WUCF, Central Florida PBS.

The project is designed to teach children about important community helpers so they are better prepared in emergency situations. Research has shown that introducing children to community helpers in a safe and fun environment can help them react better during times of crisis.

Meet the Helpers was created to fill a need for age-appropriate content about emergencies after the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando on June 12, 2016.

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Website sections/division of resources:

    • Meet The Helpers: Use this section to introduce children to helpers in our community and learn more about their careers.

    • Make A Plan: Download, print and complete these resources to practice emergency preparedness in your home or classroom.

    • Emergencies: Use this section if a community crisis has occurred in your area to reassure children that adults are working to keep them safe.

    • Coronavirus: Use this section to explain mask-wearing, social distancing, coronavirus, viruses, being a helper when someone is sick, and more to young children.

    • Be a Helper: Use this section to talk to kids about being helpers – being kind, practicing empathy, and standing up for each other.
    Wearing a Mask Helps Stop the Spread of Germs
    Meet the Helpers: 9-1-1 Operator
    We are All Different | Meet the Helpers
    Speaking Out Against Unfairness | Meet the Helpers
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    PBS LearningMedia

    Additional Resources Curated by WXXI Education

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