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Underdogs are people or teams that usually don’t win or people think they won’t win. Sometimes they win but sometimes they don’t. An example of a team being a underdog is going all the way back to the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team. Reasons why the US team wasn’t suppose to win was because USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) were THE BEST national hockey team. Also the US team was 10-3. USSR was going to be the undefeated, five time winning champions. But in 1980 they were disappointed. What caused the US team to win was they had an amazing coach that made the US team, a team. Herb Brooks, the coach, whipped those individual players into a team and made them the best they could. He didn’t care about excuses and made them work to win. They persevered through all the bad things people said to them and how they wouldn’t win. The outcome of the game reflects on the players and the coach and how much they wanted this. "You don't have enough talent to win on talent alone." - Herb Brooks

How did the Mighty Ducks win the championship? First they formed a team and found a coach that knew what he was doing. Next they practiced and practiced, till they were crumbling to the ground. Then, after they practiced they started playing games. When they were losing they kept practicing. Even though they were losing they never gave up and kept playing as hard as they could. Finally they made it to the championship! At last the final buzzer went off. On the scoreboard it said 3-2 with the Mighty Ducks winning in shootout. After, they triumphed in excitement!

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Finding another way to see and to be ACA-perfect

Another example of an underdog is from the movie, Blind Side. One problem is that Michael Oher, the main character, was living with a drug addict mother. When your with a bad influence you would want to run away or would be inspired by them. The solution to this problem was that Michael ran away and got adopted by a better influence. He got a better education, even though he had a 0.6 GPA. People didn’t believe that he could get smarter, besides one person. His science teacher, he believed that he could get smarter. The last challenged Michael faced that he learned in a different way. Learning differently than other people is hard because some people don’t know how to teach them. He learned different things through football. Therefore, he was able to prove his teachers wrong about being smarter than he looks. Michael was resilient when many people did not believed in him. “He was ignorant, but a lot of people mistook ignorance for stupidity, and knowingness for intelligence.”

-Michael Lewis

The next Underdog movie I'm going to talk about is not a sports movie. It’s an acapella movie about a college group of girls that are a acapella group called Barden Bellas. The movie is called Pitch Perfect. The Barden Bellas look like an uptight group that sing the same songs over and over again. They are an example of underdogs because all the other groups have up beat songs and dance instead of swaying back and forth like the Barden Bellas. The judges don’t like boring groups. They get new people this year and start to change it up and get better. No one thought they were going to win. Barden Bellas differ from other groups because they are not that good. However, when they won the Acapella championship groups and people thought differently about them. The Barden Bellas persevered to win the championship and improved through the year.

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