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Childhood obesity

It says...

They article says that"For the first time in recorded history, our younger generations are expected to live shorter lives than their parents due to obesity,"

other Quotes "distressing" and "most alarming"

"New and aggressive action is required to address this complex and, ultimately, very costly problem."

"It is ambitious but it is doable,"

"today's children will be the first generation for some time to have poorer health outcomes and a shorter life expectancy than their parents."


"fat is the new tobacco,"

I Say...

I am shocked to learn that for the first time in recorded history our younger generations are expected to live shorter lives than their parents.This kind of confused me because of the new improvements in modern medicine and the help of vaccinations we should be living longer than our parents so this is why the information scared me but when i realize that it's not any disease or new vaccine that's the problem it become clears.childhood obesity is the biggest epidemic for children.The situation becomes even for dire when more and more kids use their devices than a basketball and soccer ball.That means the people won’t get daily recommended one hour of exercise.This is how people mostly kids become obese.There are more reasons why kids are becoming obese but this is the best known reason.

And So

Now what i think should happen is that they should do more things so slow down the percentage of children who is obese.Some things that the government could do is create new laws to enforce how much calories food that children eat has to have.They could also show how much exercise you should do to burn off the calories.people could also create a ad campain to show how kids are becoming obese.Thats how we can spread the word about childhood obesity.