Hawks On The Move!

N. W. Harllee Early Childhood Center

A Message From The Principal

Can you believe it is already February? Time is of the essence. When you walk into the classrooms you will see so much progress from the beginning of the year until now! At the end of this week we will have completed our mid year assessment of C.I.R.C.L.E. please go to the CLI Engage website and sign up to view your child's progress monitoring results. https://cliengage.org/MonitoringProgress

Do not forget we are in the great race for Plastic BAGS! Send your old, your tired, your weary plastic bags and we will recycle them. The school that collects the most plastic bags will be declared the WINNER, and I know it will be N. W. Harllee! Thank you in advance for your support!


Harllee is getting just a little bit bigger! We want to welcome the TOWNVIEW Early Childhood Class to our campus! Ms. Joyce Anderson is the Lead Instructor for the class where the high school students get a hands on perspective of what it is like to work in an early childhood setting. So if you see new faces tell them WELCOME, the Harllee WAY!

A Special Thank You!

The N. W. Harllee Staff and Student body want to send a Special Thank YOU to Mrs. Evelyn Dickerson for her donation of Books and Stuffed Animals for every child in our building. Her expression of kindness will be remembered! Our children were so excited to receive such a wonderful gift.
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Home Reading Form!

Don't forget to turn in your Home Reading Form! Just 15 minutes a Day makes a difference!
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